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Thread: GD34-2: Keep It Inside AutoCAD®: Data Extraction Direct to AutoCAD Tables

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    Default GD34-2: Keep It Inside AutoCAD®: Data Extraction Direct to AutoCAD Tables

    Instructor: David Cohn - Cyon Research Corp.

    Class Description: For years, AutoCAD users have been creating tables for use as parts lists, bills of materials, schedules, and so on, by either laboriously creating them manually or extracting attribute data to an external file and then importing it back into AutoCAD. But this is no longer necessary. Learn how to use new tools in AutoCAD to extract attribute data directly to an AutoCAD table, and update those tables automatically when changes occur. You'll also learn how to perform calculations on table data directly within AutoCAD. Now you can create accurate updatable data, saving you time and money.
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