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Thread: DV35-2: Light Me Up!

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    Default DV35-2: Light Me Up!

    Instructor: Ted Boardman - tbdesign

    Class Description: If you are currently struggling with the lighting scenes in 3ds Max 8 or VIZ 2007, or previous versions of either program, then this class is for you. Achieving convincing lighting results is the most difficult and perhaps the most important aspect of 3D visualization. Out of frustration, many users turn to rendering methods such as Radiosity or mental ray that certainly will make the lighting different, but not necessarily better. In this session you'll learn to analyze typical lighting problems and then use the tools in Standard lighting to overcome those problems. You'll learn to approach lighting like a photographer or painter to obtain proper illumination values on surfaces that will give the viewer a richer visual experience. Standard lighting offers speed and control that will help you establish good lighting practices that will make moving to advanced lighting techniques a more productive and enjoyable process.
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