Hello, I am using Alignment Segments labels and tables styles to generate Stake-out Data.
Everything seems to be working out pretty well, except for one small problem.

In the Label Style Composer for the segment label (two seperate label styles, one for curve, one for line)
The label generates a number based on <[Alignment Line Segment Number]> based on curves and lines.
I put a C in front of the Curves and a P infront of the lines.
I then use the circle border to put a circle around that text. With a background mask, which is needed.

The small problem is When the number increases from 9 to 10, there is an extra digit of text and the circle gets bigger.

I could use a block, instead of the border, however I then couldn't use the background mask.

My other thought was, it would be great to format the Segment Numbers so they started at 01 instead of 1.
This way the extra character would be in all the labels and they would be the same size (until I got to 100, which I rarely do)

Is there a way to specify the Alignment Line Segment Numbers to have a leading 0 for the numbers 1 thru 9?