Hello all,

I am working in Inventor 2013. I currently have a model that is fairly complex that is linked to roughly 100 sheets worth of drawings. The model has a LOT of 3"x3"x.120" square tubing.

When the model was originally set up, a custom content center part was created for this tubing size (it's not a standard within the content center) but for some reason the physical properties were not updated, only the name. So I now have a model with a whole lot of properly named parts, but that don't represent properly for size (thickness) and weight. This is a huge problem as I have to design some pretty specific rigging for placing this equipment that has to be right the first time and need to know accurate centroids of mass etc. etc.

I thought I could just edit the content center part to update the material thickness, mass per lf, etc....that all went fine, but nothing is updated in my model. I can place a new member in the model and it comes in correctly with the proper updated properties, but all of the others are still 'grandfathered'.. Is it even possible to simply edit the underlying definition of these members so that everything is correct?

I could do a "replace all" (if even possible....it didn't seem to work first attempt) but then I'd have to go through the 100+ sheets and manually update the view representations of every view as they'd be 'new parts'...that would take days.

My least painful way to deal with this seems to be to literally open every single tubing member in the model and manually update each one individually....though I still don't know if this will correct my mass/lf numbers. And it's still a pretty painful prospect.

Does anyone have any ideas? Are there any pain-free ways to do this? Thanks in advance for your help.

Kindest Regards, Bill