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Thread: ME310-1: Revit MEP Worksets and Model Management

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    Default ME310-1: Revit MEP Worksets and Model Management

    Instructors: Martin Schmid, P.E.

    Class Description: Utilizing Revit MEP requires having a Revit Architecture model into which MEP elements can be placed. Many MEP consultants work both with architects and in a separate “linked” model from the architectural model. This advanced level class explores the process for sharing models, including tips for organizing models for the extended design team. Additionally, we’ll demonstrate methods for using worksets to organize Revit models for multidiscipline collaboration. Planned organization of Revit worksets can help the extended design team control model memory requirements, as well as display model elements. Even if you’re not utilizing linked models, many concepts of this class will apply to the multidiscipline design team.
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    Default Re: ME310-1: Revit MEP Worksets and Model Management

    Martin, do you have any further documentation on model management rules/processes particularly when using a central file and the owner of the central model needs to release a portion of the building out for an external contractor to work/reference that area and then return it as an "as installed" / "work as executed" file?

    This relates particularly to the ongoing FM side of building refurbishment. Thanks, ChrisL.

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