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Thread: FM110-1: Using Autodesk DWF in Facilities Management

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    Default FM110-1: Using Autodesk DWF in Facilities Management

    Instructor: Mark Evans

    Class Description: This session demonstrates how DWF can be used to increase productivity in various facilities management tasks. Autodesk Design Review can be used to review, measure, and mark up drawings created for facilities construction, management, operations, renovation, and even demolition. Facilities managers or other facilities professionals can review drawings submitted by architects, engineers, or construction professionals. Facilities managers using Autodesk FMDesktop can create DWF drawings to share with their facility occupants or with service providers. This session demonstrates the power of Autodesk Design Review when used in conjunction with Autodesk building design applications and facilities management applications. It will also show how Autodesk Freewheel can be used to share DWF files without installing a viewer.
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