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Thread: BU111-1: Business Elements of Successful Projects

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    Default BU111-1: Business Elements of Successful Projects

    Instructors: R. Kirk Johnson, AIA, LEED AP

    Class Description: This session looks beyond the technology product and concentrates on proven business elements found in projects that use design software. Successful firms consistently realize that any competitive advantage they maintain must look beyond the technology tools and into such areas as company culture, teamwork, business operations, personnel, and infrastructure. This session discusses the relationship between business process infrastructures and business technology products. Attend this session to increase your competitive advantage in the marketplace.

    • Key topics covered:
    • Identify best practices for successful projects
    • Explore the relationship between business process infrastructure and design software
    • Identify common successful business elements
    • Maximize company profits with design software programs
    • Gain a competitive edge to make your business projects successful
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