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Thread: DE201-1: Create Your Own Bidirectional Revit Structure Stress Analysis Integration Link

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    Default DE201-1: Create Your Own Bidirectional Revit Structure Stress Analysis Integration Link

    Instructor: Jeremy Tammik

    Class Description: Besides the physical building information model (BIM) defined by Revit Architecture, Revit Structure defines an analytical model of the building composed of geometry, loads, connectivity, release/boundary conditions, material properties, and other project parameters that can be used to link to an external stress analysis application for calculation and optimization of the building model. Compare Revit Architecture and Revit Structure and the physical versus the analytical BIM. Explore the Revit Structure API, which provides read-and-write access to and creation facilities for all the members and data required to implement an iterative bidirectional stress analysis link, such as geometry, location, sections, and materials, as well as physical building elements such as walls, floors, footings, foundations, columns, and framing elements. This class will implement a sample Revit add-in that links Revit with an external analysis package simulated using AutoCAD.
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