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Thread: DE105-3: Taking Geospatial Data Access to the Next Level with the FDO API

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    Default DE105-3: Taking Geospatial Data Access to the Next Level with the FDO API

    Instructor: Dongjin Xing

    Class Description: This session is intended for developers who need to customize data access in any Autodesk geospatial product or broaden their existing markets by developing applications that create, capture, and maintain data in a variety of formats. We’ll look at what FDO (Feature Data Object) technology is and what it offers, and discuss the architecture of the FDO API, the use of Providers, schema management, data query, and data update. Discussions and demonstrations in this session will be based on the FDO.NET API. Attendees should have a good knowledge of VB.NET or C#.
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