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Thread: GD311-2P: Using Autodesk VIZ or Autodesk 3ds Max with AutoCAD 3D Models

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    Default GD311-2P: Using Autodesk VIZ or Autodesk 3ds Max with AutoCAD 3D Models

    Instructor: Lee Ambrosius

    Class Description: Autodesk VIZ 2008 or Autodesk 3ds Max allows you to model, visualize and animate 3D objects, but they also make great companion applications to AutoCAD. In this class you will learn to import/link a drawing file into Autodesk VIZ and then assign materials and add lights that are offered by Autodesk VIZ. You will learn how plug-ins and AEC Objects allow you to enhance your models in ways that can't be done in AutoCAD. Plug-ins allow you to add landscaping and people without adding complex geometry to a 3D model. Along with plug-ins, Autodesk VIZ also offers enhanced materials and lights that are not offered in AutoCAD, plus a rich set of animation tools that allow you to animate objects within a 3D model instead of just performing a walkthrough or flyby.
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