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Thread: GD501-1: Dynamic Blocks Explained

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    Default GD501-1: Dynamic Blocks Explained

    Instructor: John Beltran

    Class Description: Gain an understanding of AutoCAD software’s Dynamic Block feature and how to create more powerful and flexible Block libraries. Learn the basic concepts behind Dynamic Block technology and hear detailed explanations of each Dynamic Block parameter and action. Understand some of the common pitfalls and limitations of Dynamic Blocks and how to avoid them. A short presentation introduces each concept, followed by a demonstration. This lecture will benefit all CAD professionals who use Blocks in AutoCAD and want to take advantage of Dynamic Block features. Attendees should have a general comprehension of AutoCAD.

    Key Topics:
    • Use the AutoCAD Block editor to create blocks
    • Combine block parameters and actions to create Dynamic Blocks
    • Use look-up tables to create relationships between Dynamic Block properties
    • Avoid common Dynamic Block pitfalls
    • Understand how custom applications interact with Dynamic Blocks
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