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Thread: GD205-4P: EAT TEXT: Data Extraction in AutoCAD® with Novacaine

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    Default GD205-4P: EAT TEXT: Data Extraction in AutoCAD® with Novacaine

    Instructor: dave espinosa-aguilar

    Class Description: The new Data Extraction technology in AutoCAD provides amazing capabilities for the average office to generate intelligent and associative tables of drawing information gleaned from your linework. Discover how to link your design with spreadsheets and maintain bidirectional data flows for generating schedules, part lists, and bills of materials. Learn how to use Column Filters, Formula Columns, and other powerful features to report everything from survey points, alignment tables, and lot acreages to ductwork and pipe sizings, door and windows schedules, and facilities management costs. We’ll also discuss undocumented tricks that will take the Extraction tools to the next level of functionality. It's everything you need to know about out-of-the-box Excel integration with AutoCAD.
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