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Thread: Revit 2014 Deployment Image Size Reduction

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    Default Revit 2014 Deployment Image Size Reduction

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm sure some of you might have noticed by now that the deployment image when created by the Building Design Suite is stupidly large (9.xx GB), you can remove the below items to help reduce the size of the deployment as there is a lot of unneeded content in it.

    Inventor Local Help Files:
    <deployment image name>\Img\Local Help\Autodesk_Inventor_2014_Help.exe (392 mb)

    AutoCAD Architecture / MEP Content:
    <deployment image name>\Img\Content\ACA_MEP (2.29 gb)

    Revit Local Content:
    If you do not want to deploy any of the Revit 2014 content locally you can use the attached master xml's in the zip file. Take a backup of the xml files and replace the xml's and msd file in this directory. You can then delete the contents of the language sub-folder i.e. en, de, cs, cht, etc...
    Folder for xml's: <deployment image name>\Img\Content\Revit
    xml's Revit Content
    Folder for deletion (english): <deployment image name>\Img\Content\Revit\en (4.11gb)

    Additionally you can manually remove items from the xml's and the language sub-folder directory to prune the size down if you want to deploy some of the local content.
    If you open one of the xml files keep the following lines from the top:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16" standalone="no"?>
    <?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="http://manaechelp/schemas/cp/2012/master.xslt"?>
    <!--(C) Copyright Autodesk, Inc. 1998-2011. All rights reserved.-->
    <DocumentRoot xmlnssi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="master.xsd">
    <GroupOrder>English;Other English;Simplified Chinese;Traditional Chinese;Czech;French;German;Italian;Japanese;Korean;Polish;Portuguese;Russian;Spanish</GroupOrder>

    and the following at the bottom


    You can now go through the file and delete the unwanted content packs. For example if you only wanted the content for the generic metric lookup tables you could delete everything but the following 3 lines:

    <ContentPack Name="M-en-GB-m-Lookup">

    You would also need to keep the following items:
    The folder path in the en sub-folder: <deployment image name>\Img\Content\Revit\en\M-en-GB-m-Lookup
    Files in the en sub-folder: <deployment image name>\Img\Content\Revit\en\M-en-GB-m-Lookup.xml and <deployment image name>\Img\Content\Revit\en\document.xsd

    Everything else can be removed from the sub-folder, i've left the en sub-folder but you probably could get rid of that also

    Hope this might be helpful to someone, i'm still seeing what i can remove so i'll update this as i go.
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