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    Question UCS & Revit

    Sorry for a newbie question, but is there something like UCS in AutoCAD, where you can rotate it on z axis to rotate the angle of coordinate system freely?
    I know Revit does not work like AutoCAD, but it is convenient to have sometimes.
    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: UCS & Revit

    There isn't a literal equal tool in Revit... in Revit we manipulate views to make it easier to work. This means making some extra views for the sake of having an easier time of sketching at various angles. This means we can move back and forth between any number of views as often as necessary. If we don't need them anymore, just delete them (the notion of a "working view").

    If you you are faced with working at various angles at times you can:

    1. Rotate the crop region of a view (rotation is in the opposite direction to the orientation you need)
    2. Turn on and rotate the Workplane, turn on Workplane visibility, Revit will snap architectural elements to the workplane (not effective for MEP elements)
    3. Scope Boxes - associate views to a scope box that is rotated by the angle required. The scope box controls the crop region (see 1)
    4. A Callout View can be placed and rotated to generate a view that is oriented to a desired direction
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