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Thread: Dynamic Block Text Attribute

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    Default Dynamic Block Text Attribute

    Hi all, looking for a way to change the text attributes within a block dynamically between justifications. Is there a way to have say 3 justification types with the attributes within a block, so that I can show it Left, Right or Middle justified? Thanks ahead of time.

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    Default Re: Dynamic Block Text Attribute

    The only thing I can think of is having visibility but it is not the best solution.

    BTW, this is not a sub-forum for Dynamic-Blocks-Sharing

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    Default Re: Dynamic Block Text Attribute

    I beg to differ: multiple Vis States with the three justifications is the only way to do this.
    The problem is that you need three different Attribute Definitions to make it work.
    Then the question becomes do I want to enter the same info three times or is there a way to make one Attrib populate the other two?
    And the answer to that is yes but that is a bit more problematic to make happen.

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