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    My company provides laser scanning and modelling services. I typically work for architects and engineers directly, however I have a tender to close that bids directly to General Contractors. I have no problems with competative situations, however, like everyone else, I do like getting paid on time. One of the General Contractors that I have to bid to is netorious for not paying or paying very late in the game.

    Is there a way to set a key or command or some macro script into Revit 2013 that is timed to lock the .rvt drawing after a certain number of days after I electronically deliver my work that renders tha file invisible, or shows some pop up screen that requests the user to insert a "payment key - contact the provider at this phone number", then if paid, the key unlocks. If not paid, no access.


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    The short answer is... Probably not.

    Firstly, to the best of my knowledge, Revit does not support a LISP API, but only .NET, and the only way to accomplish what you want is to have the contractor(s) install a custom .NET plug-in which would provide the security you're after.

    The only other way, which I doubt is even possible, is to embed the managed code within the .RVT Database... Particularly in a Dictionary, or XRecord which is evaluated (i.e., not persistent storage).

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