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Thread: how Can i copy the persistent reactor from Entity to the new Copy?

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    Default how Can i copy the persistent reactor from Entity to the new Copy?

    I have a AcDbline in the model-space And I have add a curstomized persistent reactor to it,Now I want to realize that:
    When I copy the line ,then make the new line have the same persistent reactor attched to it.

    i.e the new persistent reactor class is :

    class AsdkObjectToNotify : public AcDbObject
    virtual void copied(const AcDbObject* dbObj, const AcDbObject* newObj);

    I have override the copied function ,but found newObj is in read - only state.I cann't make it writeable I have tried.

    I have think that May I can use other reactor class to accomplish that

    i.e AcEditorReactor ,AcDbDatabaseReactor ...

    but found all the function 's paramter is const- qualified. I cann't write the object as parameter.

    So will method may help me ?


    >>>Editing :
    I FOUND ARX.chm said
    "Transient reactor attachments to the original object are not copied to the new object, but persistent reactor attachments are."

    But I have test it,following the above sample, The newly AcDbLine Copy don't copy the original Line's persistent reactor.
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