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Thread: Location of Call Out | Location of Detail

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    Default Location of Call Out | Location of Detail

    Happy Friday.
    I have searched for what i am looking for.. and i found this..

    and it seems that help stopped... in 2009...

    I am working in Civil 3D 2011. I have our SSM set up with Model Views from a "source" drawing. Our blocks have 3 fields.
    Basically, Top half of the call out is linked to the view number.
    The bottom half is divided in 2.

    1. The left half is linked to the “Location of Call Out” or the plan view in our sheets.
    2. The right half is linked to the “Location of Detail” or the last few sheets where the details are.

    I’ll take you through the steps;

    I create a Model view in the plan view sheet. We’ll call it sheet C-03 and View1. I qsave and then open my detail sheet or sheet C-08. I will go to the “Model Views” tab, expand sheet C-03, right click on “View1” and “Place on sheet”
    The viewport is generated, the View Block is inserted. However, both fields of our block now say, “C-08 | C-08”
    Subsequently, when I go to the original plan view, sheet C-03, I now click on the “Sheet Views” tab, right click and select “Place Call Out” and our block. I insert the block on sheet C-03 and the fields populate correctly. “C-03 | C-08”

    I want to know how I can make the viewport block populate to be “C-03 | C-08”

    I have the view block defined as “SheetSetPlaceholder -> SheetNumber” for the left side. This is where I want the plan sheet number to be placed. I.E.: C-03.
    The right side is “CurrentSheetNumber” and displays correctly.

    Now in comparison, our callout block is defined like this:
    Left = CurrentSheetNumber
    Right = SheetSet -> “C-08” -> SheetNumber

    And it works.

    So, long story short.. How do I link a detail view to the plan view and the plan view to the detail view?

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    Default Re: Location of Call Out | Location of Detail

    I do not think this is available.
    If you have a technical question, please find the appropriate forum and ask it there.
    You will get a quicker response from your fellow AUGI members than if you sent it to me via a PM or email.

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