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Thread: Session 6 - Part B: Sharing the Knowledge: Training your staff

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    Default Session 6 - Part B: Sharing the Knowledge: Training your staff

    Instructor: Melanie Tristram

    Class Description: You’ve implemented your chosen BIM software (Revit), but how do you ensure your staff are trained and kept up to date with office procedures, best practices and new features? Don’t underestimate the value of investing in dedicated training for your staff - while it can be a time consuming task to identify, create, present and maintain a training programme within any practice, the rewards can mean increased productivity and efficiency.

    In this session I’ll cover the many aspects involved in implementing a training programme into your practice. Topics we’ll discuss include; Who should provide the training? How do you assess what your training topics should be focussed on? What format is best for providing a training session? What other means do you have at your disposal to train everyone in a busy practice? I’ll demonstrate alternative methods to help ensure staff are able to keep up to date at any point in time through customised video captures and on line help files.

    And not to forget, a handy overview of external resources that are available to the BIM Management team for advancing their knowledge, whilst also imparting the latest best practice, tips and tricks to their staff.

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