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Thread: Session 4: Massing for Revit MEP

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    Default Session 4: Massing for Revit MEP

    Instructor: Simon Whitbread

    Class Description: You want MEP Building Analysis, but there is no Architectural model. Are you kidding? It's easy when using the massing tools in Revit MEP 2012 which are a largely underused tool for the MEP Designer. Discover firsthand how to:

    • Construct a wire frame model from linked 2D data.
    • Construct a mass model using the wireframe as a linked reference.
    • Add external walls and windows
    • Construct the interior walls and spaces.
    • View and populate a space schedule for checking and naming purposes analysis model
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    Default Re: Session 4: Massing for Revit MEP

    Hi there,

    In the presentation there is reference to example files. Is there any way to access these to be able to follow the tutorials?



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