Summary: to be able to create a reference plane by selecting a face.

Description: You can set a work plane by selecting a surface but not create a reference plane this way.
I am constantly needing a reference plane that falls in 2 directions and it is hard to do.
If you could pick a surface just like setting a work plane, but in this case, create it as a reference plane, it would make drawing steel that falls in two directions i.e. roofs that flll in 2 directions, MUCH easier.
Also then being able to align it in the 3d. So when the Architect changes the slopes, just go to 3d view, show the reference plane and use the align command to reset the reference plane to the new slope/slopse of the roof.
Currently this is not possible.

Product and Feature: Revit Structure - Other

Submitted By: Neil Harper on 07/21/2013