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Thread: Inventor dwg sheets: formula Linking Excel value to value x value in in title block X =A * B

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    Default Inventor dwg sheets: formula Linking Excel value to value x value in in title block X =A * B

    I do not know if this is the right forum but i used to work with Autocad and are aware of the possibilities of using Lisp and was hoping Inventor uses the same programming language. I’m quite new to inventor but am proficient in Autocad and had this problem fixed but in Inventor I’m struggling.

    On one work-order we often have to multiple similar steel assemblies ("A" ) and have to produce the individual cutting sheets for each part of that assembly, these are saved in one dwg file with all individual sheets( dwg sheets).
    For each unique part (B) that requires fabricating we generate one sheet and list the total quantity (X) required for the total work order job hence X=A * B. if my assembly has 150 unique part I have 150 sheets in one dwg file. But one part might be used multiple times within one assembly.
    The issue that we have is on a new order of an assembly that we have produced before and the order quantity is (A) is different, we have to amend the total quantity required (x) on all sheets individually and takes a lot of time and there is margin for error.
    In Inventor all projects have a project file ( *.ipj) and would it be possible to create a formula where in I manually list the quantity of:
    A ( total assemblies on order) location in I properties or exel
    B (total number parts required for one assembly) location a text field in my title block field text (model bar)

    And X will be generated and is placed in a text field of the title block on each sheet.
    This meas when we copy an assembly to a new work-order file we only have to amend "A" and all my sheets will be updated

    any advice is welcome
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