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    Default Revit Modeling

    I have a question about modeling. I have attached a sketch up model. I cant model it with revit. Can you help?.
    I import skp file into revit everything is ok but I cant see the material assigned.

    Kind regards.
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    Default Re: Revit Modeling

    I opened your file. That is the World Trade Center, version 2.0. I know, because I worked on version 1.0, which was in Revit. 2.0 was not.

    This project couldn't be simpler to create in Revit. I suspect you are very new to Revit. After all, this is your first post. Don't try to back into Revit by uploading files from some other software. Learn Revit directly. To draw what you've shown, investigate extrusions and voids. An experienced Revit user could mass your project in a few minutes.

    Give it a try, and good luck.
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