I'm looking for a very detailed tutorial & training info on annotative scaling. I have never used it but am running into some drawings that are using it. I have found a couple of things on it but I would like to find a detailed tutorial that would show how to set it up & use it correctly. I have come across some drawings that have dimension styles & mtext that uses annotative scaling. I had a problem with seeing the leaders & the text in a paperspace viewport. I have found on this forum a solution that says to make sure the viewport scale is set the same as the dimstyle annotation scale. I did this but I still had a problem with the text & dimensions showing up in the viewports so I ended up turning the annotative scaling off in order to get the project out the door. Annotative scaling has also interfered with some lisp routines that we use. We set the dimscale to 1 in paperspace to run a revision cloud lisp routine but when the dimstyle that is annotative is current I get this error message:*** ERROR: AutoCAD variable setting rejected: "dimscale" 1 ***. In order to run my routine I have to set another dimstyle as current to be able to use my lisp routine. Anyway, I am wondering if anyone knows of a very good tutorial that would lay out the benefits of annotative scaling & how to use it properly so that I can decide whether it is beneficial to my company to use this & I would like to understand it so that I can explain it to everyone. I am using 2013 version but some of my coworkers may be using 2012.