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Thread: Material Image and Transparency Image Not Aligning

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    Default Material Image and Transparency Image Not Aligning

    Hi all... I've been struggling with this issue all week, and I just cannot figure out what I'm doing wrong. I cannot get the image for material and transparency to align.

    Thanks in advance everyone! I posted this in an old post that wasn't necessarily related so I hope it's not an issue that I am posting it here.

    I'm trying to make a stained glass window.

    See this image:
    Attachment 93247

    I made 5 separate glass pieces, and applied an image as a texture to allow the glass to look like stained glass. I used THIS tutorial (thanks Revit Kid!).

    As you can see in the draft above, I was able to align the textures properly to a model pattern and everything seems to be fine. The problem, however, is when I also apply the same image under "transparency" to allow us to see through the glass. See the middle pane in the below image, and how they are misaligned.

    Attachment 93248

    As you can see, the image I've added in the "transparency" portion of the materials editor is not aligned with the main texture image.

    Any ideas? Thanks so much! This forum has been a great resource, and this is my first post.

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    Default Re: Material Image and Transparency Image Not Aligning

    I figured it out!!! When you apply a model pattern to align the texture with, apparently Revit applies the model pattern to the front AND the back of the glass (which makes sense now that I think about it). However, when you adjust the pattern on the front, it does not adjust it on the back, so you have to flip the entity around (glass in this case), and adjust the model pattern on the back as well. Apparently the texture image is on the front, and the "transparency" image is on the back.


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