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Thread: Open view in a new window with right click

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    Default Open view in a new window with right click

    Summary: When in a sheet view , add an option within the right click menu to open the view in a new window.

    Description: When working in very large projects with hundreds of views, it can be difficult to find the view in the Project browser. To help users open the view they want, my wish is to have an option to open the view in a new window by right clicking the sheet view and pushing "Open View". Open View could be placed right below activate view.

    If the view is already opened, it would just switch to that view window instead.

    This would take some frustration out of having to search the Project Browser for that one view you can already see in the Sheet. This would especially be helpful for coworkers who aren't as familiar with the project.

    Product and Feature: Revit Architecture - Other

    Submitted By: Steve Goodmansen on 08/27/2013

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    Default Re: Open view in a new window with right click

    That's a good idea, but the view is already identified under the sheet view in the project browser.

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    Default Re: Open view in a new window with right click

    You are right, I never tried opening it that way. That saves time too.

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