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Thread: FABMEP vs Revit MEP

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    Default FABMEP vs Revit MEP

    Have any of you used Revit MEP and then moved to FAB MEP and can give me some examples of advantages and disadvantages of going to FABMEP. I understand that FABMEP is more specific to the construction industry, but my primary experience is with Revit MEP and I can create a very detailed model in there. I wanted to hear from you guys what your thoughts are on pros and cons of FABMEP for creating VDC models. Can you guys give me specific examples? I wanted to find out from the real world perspective. Please give me examples and not just an opinion.

    thanks all.

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    Default Re: FABMEP vs Revit MEP

    With Building Data content now available in Revit, why switch? Keep it native, keep it secure.

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