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Thread: TEXT v MTEXT and TTF in PDFs

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    Default TEXT v MTEXT and TTF in PDFs

    I've been tasked with getting our CD PDF sets more user friendly and navigable on a tablet. To that end I've been streamlining my workflow for hyper-linking and indexing the drawings in the set. Being able to search for text in the PDF is the linchpin of this workflow. And this is where I am having problems.

    >>If I have a single line text field with a TTF like Arial, and plot a PDF, I can search for that text in that PDF.

    >>However, if I have a MTEXT field with the same settings as above, the text appears only as graphics in the PDF.

    >>If i convert a TXT to and MTXT, that field is no longer text in the PDF. Conversely, if I explode an MTXT field to a TXT, it plots perfectly.

    If anyone has dealt with this before or has any insight I would be eternally grateful.

    Using AutoCAD 2014 and Blue Beam Revu v11.5


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    Default Re: TEXT v MTEXT and TTF in PDFs

    What PDF viewer are you using A) to test the process on the desktop, and B) on the tablet? What's the Tablet OS? ISO, Android, WinRT?
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    Default Re: TEXT v MTEXT and TTF in PDFs

    I am using Bluebeam Revu (v 11.5) as the primary pdf viewer to test, but have also used Adobe reader with the same results. I haven't tested it on a tablet yet.

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