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Thread: Welcome to the Skunk Werx Lounge

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    Default Welcome to the Skunk Werx Lounge

    Welcome to the newest AUGI Forum, Skunk Werx Lounge!

    ... A skunkworks (Skunk Werx - sic) is sometimes used to spearhead a product design that thereafter will be developed according to the usual process...

    From the Whatis definition:

    The name is taken from the moonshine factory "skonk works" in Al Capp's cartoon, "Lil' Abner."
    This is the place our creative members can:
    • Discuss concepts that are of a commercial nature
    • Nurture ideas, think "out loud"
    • Conduct market research
    • Request Beta participants
    • Enhance the use of AutoCAD products
    • Give our members a chance to contribute to the process.
    We have many passionate members who are the prime audience for someone interested in creating a product or service. This forum is meant to allow both to connect and innovate.

    This forum is not:
    • A place to drop your business card
    • A place for Viagra and Nexium ads (or "cracks" of AutoCAD either)
    • A place to just advertise your business
    • A place you have to visit (not interested? You can never stop by...but we hope you will!)
    This forum is intended to foster the discussion of ideas and help products, and their creators, define their role in the market. For pure advertising, there are many established options, not the least of which is the website, AUGI HotNews, and Augiworld.

    AUGI derives income from advertising and donations. This revenue stream allows AUGI to provide these services to its members free of charge. We thank you for recognizing the difference between market research/discussion/testing and pure advertising.

    We hope you will all find this forum useful and find a way to personally contribute to its success!

    Design your World!
    Richard Binning
    AUGI Forum Manager

    P.S. Thanks Steve for the verbiage!
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