A friend and I have been working on an ergonomics plug-in for AutoCAD during our evenings and week-ends for the past year. It was based on my frustration that there aren't many good ergonomics tools for CAD packages. We're really looking for a few people who are willing to "kick the tires" and let us know what they think.

The plug-in, AnybodyCAD, provides ergonomic analysis early within the design and manufacturing process by helping to:

- Provide an easy-to-use, cost effective means of performing ergonomics assessments, within the AutoCAD environment,
- Reduce work place injury by identifying potential ergonomic issues,
- Increase workplace accommodation,
- Reduce development time and get your product to market more rapidly.

Simply visit our website at www.stormlakesoftware.com and select the download tab to begin.

As a beta tester, we are particularly interested in your feedback related to any problems that you may be experiencing with the program, enhancements that you would like to see added, and, of course, your over-all opinion of how well AnybodyCAD meets the needs of your team.

Thanks in advance,