I've been tasked with finding a way of cleaning up mullions in a hospital campus project with one project file per building, and a master file which holds our standards. I found nothing searching, except an admission by Autodesk that it doesn't work () and lots of posts of people asking how to do this and being told it can't be done.

Here's the workflow I've found

If I create a Curtain Wall Type specifically to host the Mullions, a Curtain Wall which in its Type Settings specifies which Mullion should be used where (Interior Type, Border 1, Border 2 / Exterior Type, Border 1, Border 2), Transfer Project Standards for Curtain Walls brings the Mullions with it.

If I change the selected profile for one of the Mullion in the source file and use TPS again that change is also forced through (“Overwrite Type” dialogue comes up) and the profile family is brought in. If I change the profile type itself for a profile used by a specified mullion, that change is also forced through. Here's a picture to prove it:

Using this technique I can create a set of Curtain Walls whose sole purpose is to force Mullions into a project and overwrite them if needed. I'm calling them carrier curtain wall types and suggest deleting them immediately after transferring them.

(I then compare their (manually written) version number in a schedule between files to see which ones need updating or which types need switching out.)

The only hitch I haven’t understood yet is why the 6th defined mullion doesn’t come in with the others. But that’s a small problem.

Anyone see a problem with this method? Try it and see if it works for you.