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Thread: Save As dialogue box display

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    Default Save As dialogue box display

    Recently, when I do a Save or a Save-As function the dialogue box displays behind the graphic window of the program interface. I have to minimize the Revit window or use the Alt-Tab key to find the dialogue box to perform the save. Has anyone else had this problem? I cannot find any setting in Revit that would control that kind of display order. I've checked my Windows Performance settings and that seems fine.

    Any suggestions out there?


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    Default Re: Save As dialogue box display

    What windows theme are you using, what version of revit are you using, what kind of graphics card are you using? Do you have all service packs installed? There's many things that can cause issue and it's most likely not a revit setting. I know that's not saying much to help, but the more information you can provide us, the better the ideas as to why.
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