Summary: Workflow for using Sub Assembly Composer WITHIN C3D.

Description: Imagine it -- within C3d, type in SUBASSEMBLYCOMPOSER (or more likely, pick it on a ribbon somewhere). Then something akin to the BlockEditor opens up. Where I can edit an existing or create a new sub-assembly.

Store the assemblies within the dwg file just as though the user had placed them in the dwg by picking them from a pallette (although in the future, I don't want the use of a pallette to be required -- see below). Also allow me to save the SA as a pkt file (similar to using the WBLOCK command to export a block to an external file).

Type in INSERTSUBASSEMBLY (or more likely, pick it on a ribbon somewhere). And you're prompted to pick an SA (very similar to inserting a block). The dialog would include a BROWSE button to allow me to grab a pkt file -- again similar to inserting a block that's been stored as an external file.

Now this is a good workflow for creating/using sub-assemblies.

I KNOW that the current programming code does not permit this. However if you can build custom objects such as Corridors and Surfaces, I'm absolutely certain that you could create a sub-assembly object that I can create in C3D.

Product and Feature: AutoCAD Civil 3D - Subassembly Composer

Submitted By: Don Ireland on 10/25/2013