We are building a BIM Studio for coordination and it has a 22 foot long curved wall that we are projecting on with three edge blended projectors using a warping software (Immersive Display Pro). We are seeing some odd behavior in Navisworks Manage when we go into full screen mode... which is disappointing because the model looks awesome blown up huge in full screen and it would be nice to coordinate in full screen.

Here's what is happening:
When we go into full screen (f11) the projectors appear to add a bezel around the edges causing blacked out columns in between the projections. So we end up with three distinct projections instead of one big one.

A few details I have noticed, but I don't know what they mean:
1) It appears to be model specific... some models have this problem and others don't
2) When I disable "Hardware Acceleration" in options/interface/display/graphics system it looks great, but... then it crashes!
3) The icons on the ribbon are distorting as I roll over them when the edge blending and warping is turned on...some times the program is unstable and wont allow me to click on certain icons
4) The problem does not occur in new NWFs (at least at first) I can open a NWF and drop in a basic model and it will view it correctly

Any input or ideas on how to solve this mystery would be greatly appreciated!