So when this version of NW came out, I was pretty excited about this little feature - Autodesk said that the item highlighting would stick in the viewpoint as well as the redlines.

On the results tab of Clash Detective, there is a little checkbox to toggle this on/off. If I uncheck the box and publish viewpoints, I get my redlines but no item highlights. If I check the box, I get my redlines AND item highlighting. The problem is that everything else in the model goes completely black.

I have not yet applied SP1 to 2014 Manage and there are a few things in the readme that pertain to Clash Detective, but I am unclear on whether or not any of the fixes solve this particular problem. There is also the new graphics processing that can be assigned to 'Presenter' or 'Autodesk' but I'm not sure if this has any effect.

Anyone know why the 'blackout' occurs when the box is checked, or maybe if SP1 corrects this? Its going to be a couple of days before I can get IT to install it for me. Thx in advance!