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    I have found that after I weld a part, the material and the appearance changes on the part. Also if you add more parts or assemblies to the welded part they are also effected. You do not see it right away in Inventor. It is more apparent after you export the part or assembly. Has anyone seen this? Thanks, Alex

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    Default Re: Welded Assembly

    I have never seen any export that exports material.
    What format are you exporting?

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    Lets say I have a pipe and weld a flange on each end. I will apply material such as carbon steel, then apply a appearance as painted blue.
    Then if I export to DWG and open in autocad I loose the appearance and it is assigned randomly to different areas.
    Now, lets say that the pipe with flanges is part of an assembly, and I export the assy to DWG and open in autcad, The whole assembly is effected.
    Now if you do the same thing with no welds on the part everything is fine.....

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