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Thread: Multiple Monitor Views

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    Default Multiple Monitor Views

    Summary: I want to be able to drag multiple views onto a 2nd or 3rd monitor WITHOUT having to stretch the main display onto two neighboring monitors.

    Description: Currently only the Properties, System Browser and Project Browser windows can be dragged out of the main Revit display and placed wherever you want onto second and third monitors. This works the same as any other Windows based application can be moved around on multiple monitors.

    Views should also be able to be dragged off in the same way. Any given view (when it is reduced from full size to partial size) should be able to get dragged anywhere like the above mentioned items can be.

    Product and Feature: Revit MEP - Views - Area Plan

    Submitted By: Bill Mutert on 11/19/2013

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    Default Re: Multiple Monitor Views

    Contact some of the old Bentley programmers. Microstation has always been able to easily utilize dual monitors. If you open 1, or 2, or 4 or 8, they will always line up with the edge of the monitor so you don't get views crossing monitors. If you get the project browser and properties width just right, it will split correctly, but change the width or turn off the project browser and when you Tile your views, they do not take into account where the edge of your monitor stops.

    There is a way to do it, I cant believe it is not already part of Revit!

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    Default Re: Multiple Monitor Views

    This is something I have had on the wish list for many years. Photoshop does it and I am sure many Revit users work with multiple monitors. I want to work in Plan and watch my 3D and Section on another monitor. I think this could be fixed on the next update. Please do it!

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    Default Re: Multiple Monitor Views

    Hello All,
    This was recently implemented in Revit 2019!

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