Any interest in a version of KiwiCodes's "SheetCounter" Add-in that would sort and number sheets by the US National CAD Standards discipline designators? We're using Kiwi Codes's SheetCounter add-in, which works great. But one problem for our office is that 'Ideally' we'd like to sort by NCS Discipline Designators. I.E. by "General", "Hazardous Material", "Survey/Mapping", "Geotechical", "Civil", "Landscaping"....... "Architecture", ... "Mechanical", "Electrical", etc, etc rather than alphabetically.

I emailed Phillip Miller at Kiwi Codes and he's going to think about what this might take programing wise. If other REVIT users are needing this option please contact him and let him know there might be some interest in this option. (

If there is enough interest in this it might be worth their time programing it for us REVIT users.

- Bill