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Thread: LISP to create layer, hatch and set layer back to original.

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    Default LISP to create layer, hatch and set layer back to original.


    I'm trying to create a short lisp routine to trigger form a tool palette icon (I'll explain why later).

    here is the code as I have it (and it ALMOST works)

    ^C^C(setq CLAORIG (getvar "CLAYER")) (command "-layer" "m" "L-HTCH-SCRN-MEDM" "C" "8" "L-HTCH-SCRN-MEDM" "") (command "-hatch" "P" "ANSI31" "4" "45" "a" "a" "y" "" (setvar "CLAYER" CLAORIG))
    As you can see, it does the following:

    1. Stores the current layer value in CLAORIG (works fine)
    2. Creates a layer called L-HTCH-SCRN-MEDM and makes it current (works fine)
    3. Issues the hatch command (works fine)
    4. Sets the layer back to CLAORIG (doesn't work)

    Now... here is why I want to do this. When I create a hatch icon on a tool palette tab by dragging a hatch onto it, it works great except it does not allow the user to select between "pick internal point" and "select boundary objects" it only allows "pick internal point". In a complex drawing (which we have a lot of), this can be a slow process.

    So, any help is appreciated!!!

    Thanks all.

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    Default Re: LISP to create layer, hatch and set layer back to original.

    You need to complete the last command function before setting the system variable. In other words, check your parenthesis locations.
    If you have a technical question, please find the appropriate forum and ask it there.
    You will get a quicker response from your fellow AUGI members than if you sent it to me via a PM or email.

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