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Thread: Revit-ASD round tripping

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    Default Revit-ASD round tripping

    Hi everyone,

    I was wondering how is the interoperability between Revit and ASD, for example I did the model from revit and export to ASD for my rebar detail, currently this situation is applicable because of the extension, what if their is the revision say member 300x400 is change to 250x500 and export to ASD will it update the member size in ASD and adjust the rebar position? another is, can i update my Member size in ASD or add some member and update my revit model?


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    Default Re: Revit-ASD round tripping

    I haven't used Revit that much so I'm not sure about this. I would guess that you can export geometry from Revit to ASD to finnish detailing. But I think you can't update or add profile in ASD in that way that it appears in Revit model. At least from Robot you can export a dwg to ASD that shows needed reinforcement for slabs but you can't update calculation geometry in ASD.

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    Default Re: Revit-ASD round tripping

    Is there an answer for this??

    Using the ASD Extension in revit i can send a frame model to ASD, if i change a beam size in revit and re-update to ASD the new beam updates in ASD. If i change the "lengths" of columns/beams in revit and update to ASD, ASD does not update!!

    Am i doing something wrong??

    Please help

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