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Thread: Portability of a custom catalog in the Content Browser

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    Default Portability of a custom catalog in the Content Browser

    Summary: If you create a Catalog with custom items to add to the Content Browser, there is no easy way to move that to another Network drive or Computer.

    Description: Summary: Make it easy to export / move Custom Tools Catalogs

    Description: If there was an easy way to export all the items that makeup a custom Content catalog in the content Browser library to make it transportable to another PC or network drive it would save a lot of time during upgrades, reconfigures or adding of new systems. Often users place this content on a local custom tool palette.

    The easy solution would be to make it a separate folder where items are stored. Then make a system path available under "Options" in the "Files" tab there could be a place to "Set Custom Content Path" or "Set path to custom Content library"

    Then if you create it, you could point any machine on either a local or network path
    to that catalog. They do the same thing for Template & Plotter configs.

    Currently if you create custom content and your own Catalog, ( for say, users to access company common content, you may add features, blocks, styles etc) if you need to change server drives, you have to re-create the catalog all over. The paths within the catalog items are set to where they are created. It is the same problem if these are created on a local PC . There needs to be a better way to move this custom content.

    Product and Feature: AutoCAD Architecture - Content Browser

    Submitted By: Mark Bauer on 12/28/2013

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    Default Re: Portability of a custom catalog in the Content Browser

    check out this tutorial about a network deployment of a catalog. it should address your concern.

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