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Thread: Welcome - Mission Statement

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    Default Welcome - Mission Statement


    Welcome to all programming explorers, those who have explored the frontier of
    LISP and wish to have new frontiers to explore.

    To .NET programmers who work with legacy LISP code and want to recode and/or reuse.

    To those who just like solving programming puzzles.

    This forum is for exploring and developing new functionality for LISP using other
    languages including .NET (both flavors vb and c#) and ARX. (and visa versa)

    To best learn how to code in .NET I would suggest trying to do examples
    in both flavors just to help us all become fluent in both.

    Lets see where it goes.

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    Default Re: Welcome - Mission Statement

    Suggestions for posting...

    If you post code, use the advanced mode (see button at bottom of reply window)

    Select the # icon button for wrapping code html tags so it appears properly indented and in a mono text style.
    (I think it is courier)

    I try to simplify my code before posting...

    That way someone reading it focuses on the topic at hand and not a lot of other bells and whistles that are irrelevant to the discussion.

    It is good to post examples in both vb and c#.

    If you see one or the other in a post with out their corresponding twin, and you translate it for your purposes, consider posting you translation back to the thread.

    Also post the un-compiled code in its tree structure as a zip file attachment for others to download and work with. Belts and suspenders are good (post both the code and the attachment).

    Try to stay on track in a thread, and do not be afraid to start a new thread if you think you are going off topic.

    I think you all get the idea...


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