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Thread: Sheet layout editor, and dimension lines layout

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    Default Sheet layout editor, and dimension lines layout

    Summary: Sheet layout design and editing so that detail location, plan location, and overall layout of the sheet can happen per sheet and by group of sheets.

    Description: We need a way to quickly organize sheet layout so that views when placed will snap to grids, or nodes. There are workarounds for this but they are clunky and not that useful. Also, view titles could be part of this so that their location could be more predicable and/or snap to grids, or nodes. We spend way too much time making floor plan views line up sheet to sheet. A sheet layout mechanism could allow the user to match location of plans on multiple sheets by grid intersection or other known point.

    Another aspect to sheet layout is the consistent placement and location of dimension strings. A layout editor could affect this by shifting the dimensions to predetermined location and allow for string to string separation distance. Old school drawings would have each string of dimensions be 3/8" away from each other (or some predetermined distance).

    Obviously, dimension strings could be placed in the view with assistance like dimension layout lines in each view but this help does not exist either. It would be great if there were more of a global way to layout dimensions.

    Product and Feature: Revit Architecture - Annotation Tools

    Submitted By: Kevin Carroll on 01/12/2014

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    Default Re: Sheet layout editor, and dimension lines layout

    I don't care about the dimension issue, but the page layout is sorely needed. Revit could begin with the sheet layout according to the National CAD Standards.

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