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Thread: Request A How-To Series: Setup/Configuration of VS 2013 for AutoCAD

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    Default Request A How-To Series: Setup/Configuration of VS 2013 for AutoCAD

    I have taken formal coursework online live sessions of "VB.NET for AutoCAD 2010 Level One" by Jerry Winters and highly recommend the course and/or materials.
    As part of his course, Jerry assisted in configuring Visual Studio 2010 Express for AutoCAD 2010.

    I would like to see a similar step-by-step presented here for Visual Studio 2013 and AutoCAD 2013(+).

    Are there plans to provide 'Level One' type of assistance for beginners via this group?


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    Default Re: Request A How-To Series: Setup/Configuration of VS 2013 for AutoCAD

    I'd say this is slightly off this particular forum's topic. It might be better suited to the DotNet Forum - this is intended more for the interaction between DotNet and Lisp.

    That said, most of what you'd need to start an ACad DotNet project is contained in the Developer's Guide. Most notably this page:

    Whether you're using VS2005/8/10/13 or some other DotNet IDE (like SharpDevelop) there's very little difference: Either use the installable wizards to generate your basic project startup, or add the relevant DLL's as references to a new blank Class Library project and include using clauses for the relevant AutoDesk assemblies you're going to use in your code. Or better yet, generate some templates for yourself so these things are done when you start a new project.

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