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Thread: Steel beam continuous design

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    Default Steel beam continuous design


    I'm trying to analyse a steel platform structure using Robot 2014 structural software as can be seen from the attached photo. The main longitudinal beams run continuously along the structure, as we have introduce cap plates at column locations where the bottom flange of the beam is bolted. The main beam is spliced at several locations.

    The beam is fully laterally restraint at the top face and partially restraint at the bottom. No releases are being used in the column joint since the beam runs on top of the column. Lateral buckling coefficients have been used as stated above (upper flange fully restraint, lower partially) however the results obtained for the capacity checks seems not to much with other software's we use.

    The problem is that the effective length seems to remain unchanged (even though we have change the beam restraints.)

    Is there someone that can help us on this?

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    Default Re: Steel beam continuous design

    Have you defined "super-members" for the main beams composing bars contained in it? See below


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    Default Re: Steel beam continuous design


    Have you modeled this continuous beam as one beam? If so maybe you're missing these buckling supports for steel beam (see attached image). I think robot uses the length of whole beam as buckling length if you don't tell otherwise.


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