Okay, I know I've read some blogs about multiple cores and hyper-threading. Please forgive my ignorance here, but I'm in the process of learning MEP and am more dangerous than proficient with it at this point. I recently learned that you can turn cores or cpu's on and off for programs using the task manager. (Again, confirming my ignorance.) Is it beneficial to turn off some cores in AutoCAD MEP 2014 to allow it to run on a single processor? For example, Using all 8 cores or cpu's of Node 0 or using all 8 cores of Node 1? Does it make a difference. The machine I have is fairly fast. It's a HP Z600, 12 GB Ram, SSD, 2 GB AMD 7900 Video card, (2) Xeon X5570 @ 2.93 GHz running 64-Bits of course. Thanks for understanding my stupidity and helping out.