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Thread: favorite shared parameters in Revit MEP

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    Default favorite shared parameters in Revit MEP

    let's exchange some knowledge

    What are the most common shared parameters that you define in Revit MEP to help your workflow?

    my favorite parameter is adding a view parameter to air terminals so I can schedule them based on views

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    Default Re: favorite shared parameters in Revit MEP

    The most common Shared Parameter I use is "₪ Device Tag", which is targeted by most Category Tags and our Multi-Category Tags. (I have placed a "₪" leading our Shared Parameters so they are easily identifiable as Shared Parameters).

    Also, almost all of our Families have a "₪ Phase Label" Shared Parameter, which displays "E" for Existing to remain, "R" for removed/demolished, etc.. I use Schedules to push the proper value to all applicable elements, since one cannot actually Tag Phase. I create a Mutli-Category Schedule with only this Parameter as a Field and Filter by this Parameter's existence. I set the Schedule to "Existing" and type "E" in the single cell that's present in order to push that value on to ALL existing model elements. Then I create a similar Schedule, "New Construction" with a custom Phase Filter "Show Demo Only". I type "R" in the box to then push that onto all demo elements. The only hindrance is that you must periodically go back to the Schedules and reapply the value to account for newly created elements.
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    Default Re: favorite shared parameters in Revit MEP

    That's a bloody brilliant idea right there.

    My favorite shared parameters are the ones generated by ElumTools, in combination with a key schedule I created defining target light levels and LPD values per IECC space type. The schedule based on those allows us to track light levels and energy code compliance in real time during design, and makes the Comcheck report as close to automatic as it currently can be.

    Beyond that, all of our shared parameters are basically used to generate fixture/equipment schedules.

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    Default Re: favorite shared parameters in Revit MEP

    Howdy and advance apologies for hopping right in, but I've been trying to figure out to efficiently generate an LPD schedule (by room) in a linked model scenario. As a lighting consultant, we're typically linking in both the architect's model (for hosting) and the engineer's model (for coordination). It sounds like you've got a good system and I was wondering if you'd be wiling to share your method or direct me to a good tutorial.
    Also, how has ElumTools been working for you?


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