Summary: Overview of visibility and overwrites of a single element

Description: Since the graphic display of an element can be overwritten in many different ways, it would be useful in the properties of an element to see the "Visibility Settings and overwrites" for that element in that specific view.

Different ways of manipulating the graphics:
The material of element (Basic)
The components coarse scale fill pattern (when shown in coarse view)
Overwrite in Vis/Graphics, model
Overwrite by filter
Overwrite graphics in view by element
Overwrite graphics in view by category
Paint an element

When choosing an element in a view, it would be usefull to see a "Visibility Settings and overwrites" in the properties dialogue box, showing how this element has been manipulated graphically - and which one is "in charge" and shown.

Product and Feature: Revit Architecture - Annotation Tools

Submitted By: Gitte Sørensen on 03/05/2014