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    Default Fill Region

    Summary: Gradient Color

    Description: I wish to have the fill region like to combine colors for example black and grey in the same region like AutoCad has

    Product and Feature: Revit Architecture - Annotation Tools

    Submitted By: Chino Carrucha on 03/04/2014

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    Default Re: Fill Region

    I have the following problem with the properties window which may be the same issue you're having.

    Mousing out of the properties window area will bounce the scroll back to the top.
    One pixel outside of the properties window will do this. I often drag the scroll bar down so I can see the property I want to change, then accidentally nick the side of the properties window and it bounces back to the top, leaving me to scroll back down to the property I want again.

    Very annoying, and a constant issue.

    The place to enter lengths in the ribbon for some commands does strange things too. I can't tell if that's a mouse issue, or an auto formatting thing that revit does. I'll try to enter feet, inches and fractions of inches, and somewhere, when I pause between feet or inches or fractions, it formats the number while I'm still typing, and I get the wrong result.

    Probably a different issue

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