One user on one machine in our office has a problem with any text style based on Arial Black. Text in that style looks italic, even though the Font Style is Regular (italic isn't even an option) and the Oblique Angle is 0. This happens:
  • In every drawing
  • In every version (year) of AutoCAD
  • With any text style based on Arial Black
  • Both on-screen and when plotting

It does not happen:

  • In MS Word when the font is Arial Black
  • When I log in as me on his machine and open the same files
  • When this user logs in as himself on other machines.

This sounds very similar to an issue found in Windows XP SP3, but his operating system is Windows 7 SP1. The machine has never had any version of XP on it.

We have replaced the True-Type font file Under C:\Windows\Fonts with a copy of one from a well-behaved machine. I've checked his font mapping file, and it does not mention any Arial-family font at all.

Does anyone have any idea what the issue could be, or how to fix it?

My own thinking is that something must be broken in his Windows profile, since it only happens with him, and only on his machine. But I don't know how to fix that. I mean, I suppose re-formatting the drive would fix it, but I'm hoping for a non-nuclear option.